HengYang Bath Toys 2 in 1 Electric Induction Whale spout Toys, Fun Bath Toys with Music and Flashing Lights, Baby and Children Children Boys and Girls Ball Toys (Grey)

Price: $14.99
(as of Sep 28,2021 19:16:37 UTC – Details)

2 in 1 water spray baby bath toy whale automatic sensor sprinkler water spray toy! Put the ball on the water and spray water automatically, the beautiful lights flash, your child will fall in love with the bathtub, don’t worry about the baby crying! Why choose bath toys for customers? 1. Bathing time is perfect for multi-sensory exploration When it comes to children’s bathing time, a variety of bathroom toys and colorful appearances make babies happy and fun. Children play in Bathutb and promote brain development, cultivate creativity and imagination. 2. The design of the water toy is very popular with children because it is a 2-in-1 toy. The base can be placed on the ground and the switch can be turned on. The water toy can walk, rotate, sing, and emit light. It can also be taken out. When the child is bathing, the baby bath toy can spray water into the bathtub under the light. The sprinkling toy ball can spin more strongly. You don’t need to turn on any switch, just put the bath toy in the water and it will start to spray a beautiful fountain. Electromagnetic induction water spray ball Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) Put it on the water, spray water automatically Waterproof rubber prevents water leakage 2 in 1 fun spout toy whale There are two ways to play baby bath toys. Bath toys can make your child enjoy different fun. Put the bath toy in the water, it can be rotated by the power source and flashed with colorful lights. It can spray 6 inches of water, which looks like a small fountain in the water. Your baby will be happy to play. Put the toy car on the ground, it can walk, the base is equipped with a universal wheel device, which can automatically avoid obstacles. With lively music, the night is more colorful The blue base is powered by three AA batteries (not included) Note: Do not immerse the blue base in water, otherwise the product will be damaged! ! !

1. Two-in-one automatic induction sprinkler bath toy: it is not only a toddler bathtub water game toy used for children’s bathing time, but also a toy on the ground of a UFO spacecraft. Just put the electric induction sprinkler toy on it and have a universal wheel With a functional base, it immediately becomes a singing toy that can move in all directions and automatically avoid obstacles.
2. Creative whale water spray toy: The fun toy for baby bathing has a cute cartoon appearance design. When placed on the water, it can automatically spray water and flash with colorful lights to attract children’s attention and make the bathing time more interesting and relaxing.
3. Easy to use: powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), just install the battery, then put it on the water, the bath toy will automatically absorb and spray water from the bottom. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not provided), install the base and use universal wheels, it can open the ground at any time and make interesting sounds.
4. High-quality safe materials: Toddler bathtub bath toys are made of environmentally friendly ABS materials. The rounded edges are safe, non-toxic, durable, and provide the most intimate protection for children. The edge of the children’s sprinkler toy is very smooth, and there are sealing rings and screws in the battery slot, so you don’t need to worry about the baby being injured.
5. The best gift for young children: Suitable for children to play/play time in the swimming pool, super cute water spray toys and babies will love the lights and music in the bathtub, and enjoy bathing time every day! It is a great gift choice for Children’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, parties, holidays, etc.

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