Mombella Mimi The Mushroom Super Soft Silicone Baby Soothing Teether Toy, Pacifier &Breast Shape For Sucking Stage, Prevent Finger Chewing & Falling Down, For 0m+

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Product Description

Mombella aims to give each baby a perfect mouthing toy from new born to 2 years

Mombella Baby Mouthing ToysMombella Baby Mouthing Toys

From sucking to biting to blowing, Mombella prepares for each stage

Something that you should know about your baby’s mouth sturcture and development.

From new born to 3months, you should know and check the following:

1. Ideal shape of the hard palates is a wide “U”.

2. Your baby’s deeply cupped tongue moves from front to back evenly in a wavelike motion, sealing and unseaing the back third, so that he can exact liquid from the breast or bottle.

3. If your baby can not get a good latch, check with the doctor to see whether he has tongue tie. If so, have it cut while in hospital.

4. Help your baby breath throgh his nose.

5. New born to 3 months, mouth structure is developed for suking and suckling, so sucking is calming from 0-3 months.

6. From new born to 4 months, your baby is learning about general sensations(softness, hardness and firmness) through mouth experiences. Txtures, temperatures will only be learned after 4months, so 0-3months, mimi mushroom is the best choice.

for 0-3months babies, sucking is calming. Baby toys should be sucking toys

sucking is calming for 0-3month babiessucking is calming for 0-3month babies

Mombella Mimi mushroom teether is super soft for new borns, breast+nipple shap design makes baby feel secury to suck on.

Mombella mimi the mushroom teether feetures the best toy for 0-3month babies:

1. Mimi mushroom do not cover the whole mouth part to lead to red rash;

2. Mimi mushroom needs hand involvement while sucking;

3. Mimi mushroom encourages breath through nose and when baby is asleep, the mushroom is not in use.

4. It prevents digit-sucking habit.

5.It helps with hand-mouth coordination.

6. Through constant sucking training, baby’s mouth structure develops in a right way.

Our fan club

Our fan clubOur fan club

For 3M+ toys, pls check mombella store front page

Through sucking on the nipple of mushroom, your baby’s tongue gains more control on movement inside the mouth, also the movement works the muscles that open and close the jaw, which will be good for speech development, also helps with better feeding.
Small and light weight, easy for baby to hold and safely explore in the front, middle and back of the mouth without making baby gag.
Using Mimi the mushroom, the mushroom will not be in the mouth during sleep since baby cannot hold it, make sure baby gets their mouth closed and breathe with nose, which is better and healthier.
Your baby starts gain more control on bring toys to mouth around 2-3 months, before that parent can helps with holding. When it comes to 3-4 months, baby begins to grasp objects and bite reflex starts, mushroom can be a waning teether from sucking to bite. Not recommend for 6m+ babies.

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