OCCObaby Universal Bassinet Wedge | Waterproof Layer & Handcrafted Cotton Removable Cover | 12-Degree Incline for Better Night’s Sleep…

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Product Description


The OCCObaby line is an industry favorite because of its simple and safe design. Parents can rest easy knowing their child is cared for with the healthiest, safest personal care products.

Our journey started with a toddler with a stuffy nose. We tried everything to calm our unhappy child, but the cold only seemed to get worse with each passing hour. None of the nasal aspirators or cold remedies on the market could ease his pain.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than hearing your baby cry and feeling like you can’t do anything to help them. So we knew we had to take matters into our own hands. We started by developing a hygienic, battery-operated nose cleaner. It opens the nasal passages for instant relief and keeps them clear during the most important early months of development.

Parents loved our nose cleaner so much that we knew we couldn’t stop there. We began to launch even more OCCObaby products aligned with our mission of relief, comfort, and happiness, including our instant-read infrared thermometer, baby hairbrushes, crib and bassinet pillows, and pregnancy wedges.


OCCObaby’s Bassinet Wedge improves baby’s sleep, helps reduce spit-ups & reliefs congestion.

Doctor recommended 12-degree incline safely elevates your baby’s head & torso for sound and comfortable sleep.

Our uniquely designed foam is firmer than the foam in other baby wedge products on the market – the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend soft foam or memory foam for infant bedding.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place the wedge at the head of the bassinet and cover with a fitted sheet. Ensure that baby’s bottom is on the mattress with only baby’s back and head on the wedge for elevation. The wedge can also be placed underneath the bassinet mattress / pad.

IMPORTANT: Our bassinet wedge is designed to securely fit any bassinet between ~14.5 and 17 inches wide. We designed the wedge to fit most standard bassinets and stroller bassinets more than 15 inches wide. However, if gaps around the wedge are more than an inch wide, we recommend placing the wedge underneath the bassinet mattress pad. This is what we now recommend for Halo Bassinet as it’s slightly wider than 15 inches.







High-Quality Hypoallergenic Materials

OCCObaby only uses the highest quality, premium hypoallergenic materials, artisanally crafted with your baby’s health and comfort at the forefront of our concerns.

Free of all harsh chemicals – No BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead and PBDEs.

Doctor-Recommended 12-Degree Incline

OCCObaby’s Universal Bassinet Wedge has a doctor-recommended 12-degree incline – the perfect angle for elevating your baby’s head and torso to promote unobstructed breathing, reducing spit-ups, and relieving congestion for a sound and comfortable sleep.

Easy to Clean, Waterproof, Bacteria-Resistant and More!

OCCObaby’s Universal Bassinet Wedge comes with an easy-to-clean waterproof cover.

Mold-resistant, bacteria-resistant, odor-resistant and stain-resistant, our hypoallergenic cover protects the bassinet wedge from stains caused by spit-up, drool, and diaper leaks. Easily clean with warm water and soap.

bassinet wedge for infants newborns fitbassinet wedge for infants newborns fit



IMPORTANT: Fits most standard bassinets. For the best fit, please make sure your bassinet’s width is between 14.5″ and 17″ wide!

LUXURIOUS 100% COTTON HANDCRAFTED COVER – premium artisan-knit cotton adds an extra layer of comfort for your baby.
EASY-TO-CLEAN WATERPROOF COVER – stain resistant cover with non-skid bottom. The cover protects the bassinet wedge from baby spit-up, drooling and diaper leaks. Easy to clean with warm water & soap
FITS MOST BASSINETS – the universal baby bassinet wedge fits most US standard bassinets. The size of the wedge is 15 IN (width) x 12.2 IN x 2.6 IN. For the best fit, please make sure your bassinet’s width is between 14.5″ and 17″ wide! Bassinets come in different sizes. If your bassinet is wide, such as the Halo Bassinet, then you will need to put it under the mattress and fill the gaps with blankets or towels.
SAFE FOR YOUR BABY – both high-density foam bassinet wedge and covers are ultra-safe.

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