Purified, Non Irritating, Tear Free, Hypoallergenic & Sensitive Approved Baby Eyelid Wipes by Dr. Fischer – Pre-moistened, Rinse Free and Pediatrician Recommended – (30)

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Why use Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes?
Children often wake up in the morning with red/itchy eyes, and sticky residue, crusted matter & scales on their eyelids and eyelashes. This can cause discomfort, interfere with vision and invite redness and infection. In these situations they may naturally rub their eyes with unclean hands and worsen the condition. Dr. Fischer Baby Eyelid Wipes allow you to easily clean the area preventing infection.

A great deal of research & testing have gone into the development of these eyelid wipes, in order to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Leading Ophthalmologists, Dermatologists and Pediatricians have endorsed Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes for babies & kids of all age groups.

Easy to Use
Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes are easy to use and rinse free. Being free of preservatives, fillers and alcohol, they are especially formulated for babies, as they are tear free, rinse free and gentle on your baby eyelids and eyelashes. Making sure they wont cry and do not suffer from further irritation of their eyes!

Cleansing of the highest order
A child’s daily environment in nursery schools, day care centers and playgrounds frequently exposes their delicate eye surrounds to dust, dirt and allergens as well as serious contagious eye conditions. With Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes you can clean your child’s eyelids and eyelashes of these irritants while helping prevent ocular conditions from worsening and assist the eyes in healing naturally.

You can use these medically or daily, in combination with other options like eye drops/eye eye ointments to give your eyes the best chance of fighting bacterial/viral infections!
Say NO to harsh eye cleansers & start using 100% SAFE, TEAR FREE & IRRITATION FREE, Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes! Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order a pack of 30 NOW!

✔ TEAR FREE and RINSE FREE – Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes have been especially formulated with babies in mind. Clean away everyday dirt buildup around the eyes without crying or harmful chemicals and help alleviate clogged tear ducts and irritation
✔ CONJUNCTIVITIS and CLOGGED TEAR DUCTS (along with pink eye, dry eye, styes & allergies) relief means that easing eye irritation caused by these conditions is finally possible! Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes prevent bacterial overgrowth & worsening of conditions, allowing your baby’s eyes to heal naturally.
✔ CLEANING YOUR BABY’S EYELASHES to get rid of oil, dirt, dust, crusted matter, ocular secretions and other foreign bodies has never been easier. Just wipe & clean with Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes.
✔ SAFE & EFFECTIVE FOR ALL AGE GROUPS – Dr. Fischer Premium Baby Eyelid Wipes have been recommended by Ophthalmologists, Pediatricians & Dermatologists for babies & kids of all ages. Embrace the safety of your baby’s eyes by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ button right away.

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